jeudi 29 novembre 2007

Report of the meeting in Almeria (16-20/10/2007)


- Presentation of the educational trainings in Almeria as well as of the different parts of their school

- Visit of the fittings of the school

- Preparation of the objectives and of a common technical form

- Conditions of the creation of a blog for the project in each centre

- Meeting with the press

- Visit of the central market and of typical products

- Preparation and dressing of an international buffet of local food products in the restaurant of the school.Each school, preparing one of the creative dishes imagined by the students during the year

- Visit of a greenhouse of organic products in the region of Almeria

- Visit of a wine cellar and tasting of Laujar wines

- Visit of some villages of the Alpujarras

- Visit of a traditional restaurant

- Guided visit of the town

- Achievement of an Andalusian meal by the students of the school and served to the participants in the school restaurant

- Meeting with the local authorities , Radio, Television and Press

Planning of the activities for 2007/2008

October 2007

Comenius meeting in Almeria : preparation of the objectives.
Organization of the groups of work in each school.

November 2007

Each school will have to create its own blog . In this blog the students can introduce themselves (in their native language and in English). All along the year , the blogs will have to be regularly supplied , including all the technical forms of the previous year in English and in another language.

Beginning of 2008

Each school will have to prepare a theme evening in the school restaurant using the technical forms of the other partners (technical forms prepared for the menus in 2006/2007) The menu will be proposed by the students in their school in order to spread outside the school the work done.A jury will give their opinion.
This jury can be composed of some of the clients dining that evening.

Photos will be taken during the preparation in the kitchen and during the service in order to illustrate the file.

A common questionnaire will be given to the clients. This questionnaire will particularly focus on the cooking differences highlighted by the dishes proposed.

March 2008:

Translation of the professionnal glossary. This glossary made in 2006/2007 will be translated into 2 languages (at least into English).

This glossary takes all the words used in the technical forms proposed last year. Then it will be put on the blog .

First term 2008

Creation of a garden or a green house of aromats in each school (except Lofoten because of the climate. They will use aromatics from local producers.).

The students will see the importance of the use of these aromats and will exchange ideas with their partners: all the students must take part in this creation.
Photos will be taken and put on the blog.

From november to march 2008

Creation of a dish based on aromatic herbs. In March the students will have to propose a creative dish using aromats They will use the common technical form and will present photos. This dish will have to respect the project which aims at a creative gastronomy and use only traditional products. This dish will be presented in La Spezia in May.

Geographic cultural study of the countries in the partnership.

During history and geography lessons the students could be taught some notions about the culture, the geography, the history, the language and the gastronomy of their partners The students can make files and exhibitions.

Exchange of the work of the students during the year

Each center will inform all the partners on the development of the work and with the webcam teachers and students will discuss. Some time slots will be installed to allow each school to exchange with a partner.

During the preparation of the menus in the school restaurants the evening party will be broadcast through a webcam.

Communication between students

The students who are interested in an individual exchange can exchange their e-mail address through their teachers

Next project meetings

The next meeting will take place from May 19th to 23rd 2008 in la Spezia in Italy.
Another meeting is planned in October in Montauban.
Each center will present the work of the year (photos, blog,...)and will make the technical form of the dish based on aromats.

mercredi 21 novembre 2007

Réunion Alméria

Nos élèves sont actuellement en train de travailler sur les produits et les spécialités de leur région.
Ils présenteront le fruit de leurs recherches sous la forme d'un document.
Ils devront ensuite concevoir et réaliser un plat à base d'herbes aromatiques. Ce plat devra être créatif et pourra prendre la forme d'une entrée, d'un plat à base de poisson ou viande, ou d'un dessert....
A bientôt, pour plus d'informations...